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Downsizing Services

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Downsizing in 3 Easy Steps!

1.  Downsizing  Consultation

       To help you decide what to take to the new home
       and plan how everything will fit.

2.  Moving Day Services

       To direct the movers to place all your furnishings

                                  in their rightful place in your new home.

3.  Getting Settled Services

       To hang artwork including family picture galleries
       and accessorize with your special treasures.

If you have already moved...

Create the Home You Love
in 2 Easy Steps!

1.  Design  Consultation

       Is a Space Planning Session in the new home to determine

       the placement of furniture, artwork and accessorizing.

2.  The One Day Home Makeover℠
       To create the home you love in just one day by making the most

       of what you already have.  Includes furniture placement, hanging

       artwork and pictures, creating photo galleries and accessorizing

       with your special treasures.

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