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The Design Consultation

The Design Consultation

The Design Consultation is a meeting to create a plan to improve and adapt your home to meet your current requirements. This includes an assessment of what is needed to update your home and a plan of action to accomplish it.  

 The Design Consultation includes: 

Paint Colors & Wall Designs

Space Planning

Furniture Placement

Window Treatments

Lighting & Accessorizing

Remodeling Advice


If you want The One Day Home Makeover℠ , The Design Consultation is the first step. This preliminary service is to determine what needs to be done and how many movers are required. 

The One Day Home Makeover℠

The One Day Home Makeover℠  is an exclusive hands-on service which transforms your entire home in just one day by making the most of what you already have.


This Signature Service is Redesign to the 10th Power – a cutting-edge service in today’s home design market. It is transformational for your entire family, practical and affordable.


Reuse, Recycle, Recreate and Rejuvenate to meet your family’s needs right now…without spending a fortune.

Additional Design Services 
  • Shopping Services

  • New Furniture Selection

  • Furniture Refinishing & Reupholstering

  • Accessorizing

  • Paint Color Selection

  • Murals and Wall Designs

  • Lighting Selections

  • Flooring Selections

  • Window Treatments (Custom & Store Bought)

  • Bedding Selections (Custom & Store Bought) 

  • Remodeling Advice

  • Remodeling with Contractors

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